Friday, November 29, 2019

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts For 2019

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky

The holiday season is here and you're still looking for the right gift to add to your  Christmas shopping list. If you've missed Black Friday deals, and you need gifts,  there's still time.  These ten gift ideas are a start that can help get your Christmas list started.

1. Bohemian fashion earrings are the latest craze in accessories.  They are stylish and trendy.  You can find them in stores or online with massive savings.

2. Baby products for gifts are a definite hit and not a miss. Clothing, hand free carriers, or decorative night lights are greatly desired.

3. Wireless charging stations for your phone,  watch,  and earbuds make life easier. Charging stations charge all three devices simultaneously, and saves time and space.

4. Infinity Scarfs that holds your wallet,  keys, or phone are not only stylish,  but practical.  It's ideal when making a quick errand, or if you want to go hands free.

5. Minimalist wallet with RFID features that block credit card information theft is quite useful. Help protect your loved ones from  harm. It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

6. If you have friends and family who are looking to eat healthier, then the Portable blender is a great gift. Having the ability to make smoothies on the go, in the office,  or on a family trip is ideal. Show your loved ones that you care for their well being.

7. Nothing is more warm and cozy than a knitted blanket.  This may seem like an overly used idea, but a soft blanket is one of the best feelings when cuddling up to watch your favorite show or enjoying an evening in front of the fireplace on cold winter night.

8. Earbuds are the best thing when you are looking for something small and simple. Many have terrific sound quality and they're portable. Among music lovers,  this is a great gift that will be used quite often.  I'm sure if you purchase the right one,  you'll be thought of every time they are utilized.

9. If you don't have one already,  an air fryer is awesome.  It provides the convenience of cooking in a non messy and healthy fashion. If it's fried foods that you love, no worries.  The air fryer is perfect for frying without out the added oils or grease.  Put your food in,  set the desired temperature along with your timer and your done. Less grease, less mess. Cook meals while getting the dinner table ready. Your loved ones will thank you for it!

10. Give the gift of tools or tool organization products. has a fantastic garage tool organization product as well as a new drill charging station. 

On Instagram,  I uploaded a video on IGTV on how to install a drill charging Station. Follow @organizationwithsuzie to find out more. 

Well,  it's been a pleasure sharing these 10 gift ideas to help you get started with your Christmas and holiday shopping. If finances are a concern,  give the gift of your time to someone who really needs it.  It's wonderful anytime of year!

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Best of luck on your shopping list. Your gifts will help to make someone's holiday a little bit brighter. 


Saturday, September 28, 2019

5 Things to Do This Fall!

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky    

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It's fall everyone! The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn a beautiful orange-brown color.  The air is crisp and has a slight smell of pumpkins and vanilla. This is also the season for ragweed, and if you have allergies like I do, or just want to start getting your home fall ready, you may want to do these five (5) things today! 

1. Wash or change your pillow case daily. Years ago, a colleague advised me to change my pillow case daily to cut down on allergens that may settle on my pillow via my hair or clothes.  

2. If possible wash your hair everyday. This keeps any dirt, debris, or dust off of your pillow as well.

3. Vacuum your home daily or at least every other day. Less dust is always better. 
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4. Change out summer clothes and start displaying fall and winter items. By storing your summer clothes, it will help to cut down on clutter, and increases space in your closet. Don't forget to label your items, and purge clothes that you haven't worn all summer.  

5.  Last, but not least, change out your bed linens. In the summer, a light and airy blanket or sheet may be used when sleeping. A great way to save on money is to buy linens in colors that can be used throughout the year.  This way, when you add or remove heavy comforters for the winter, you can use the other linens from prior seasons as well. 

This was just a small nugget to help you with cleaning and organizing your space this fall. As the winter months approach, take time for yourself. If you are in school, schedule time to have fun in between study and class time. You will be happy that you did.

Thank you for reading this post. Comment down below with your fall cleaning and organizing tips. I would love to hear from you! 


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Thursday, August 22, 2019

3 Reasons To Start Using a Garage Organization System

Organization With Suzie, LLC

How would you like to open your garage and see all of your tools and garden accessories placed neatly in one specific area?

 Well,  recently reached out to me regarding their new line of products. Their garage organizer system was perfect for the garage space that needed some tending to. 

 As you can see,  these tools have been placed all over the garage and for what ever reason,  I tend to trip or step on them daily. Before we decided to paint,  my family and I wanted to install organization systems that would work best for our appliances,  tool, bins, and other garden accessories.  So, here are three reasons to start using a garage organizer system.

1. The sturdy garage organizer system from included all the necessary accessories. There were different size holders to accommodate several types of tools.  That means no more stepping on,  or tripping over items left around. 

2. The system takes up less space on the floor and utilizes valuable unused vertical space. The system is approximately 64" long and as mentioned earlier,  can hold a variety of items. 

3. Tools and accessories are neatly placed in a designated area on the wall, and it cuts down on the amount of time wasted looking for needed items. 

Check out our Instagram page and stories for behind the scene pictures and videos.  

To get your garage tool organizer system please click here. 

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Suzie 👄

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

3 Reasons Why Velvet Hangers Are Efficient!

If you have ever had clothes fall off the hangers and end up on the floor, then you will understand my platform. Recently I was gifted a box of hangers from the Joy Mangano Huggable Hanger collection, by my mother. She lovingly thought of me when she purchased these hangers for my closet.

As shown in the picture above, these hangers are terrific! If you have purchased velvet hangers in the past then you understand fully where I'm going with this post. There are three great reasons why velvet hangers are so efficient.

1. Velvet hangers tend to be a little bit thinner than your average hanger; therefore, it creates a little bit more space to store additional clothing if you desire.

2.  Silky or satin clothes that have smooth and shiny material that  slide off regular hangers. The Velvet exterior makes it easier for clothes to be hung without falling.  They hold the clothes and there's nothing for them to slide off.

3. These hangers come in a set of 40 and have a uniform clean look. As shown in this picture, thinner hangers create more space. Also, the small investment prevents you from buying additional hangers.  Utilizing the set helped immensely whereas before, I had to use a clothes pin to hold up certain dresses and blouses that couldn't. 

Overall, these hangers are aesthetically pleasing as they are fantastic. So if you haven't gotten your velvet hangers today, try them out. Above is my affiliate link to purchase your hangers today and start conducting your summer cleaning.

Thank you for reviewing this post. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think or if you have tried these fabulous hangers. For more information on how to get started with your organization projects, please click here. If you haven't grabbed your "Get My Life" together printable, it's still available.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Organize and Plan a Party With Ease

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky

 This week I'll be working on planning a birthday party with family.  If you're planning an event or small get together,  here are a few tips to help you along the way. 

1. Determine the date and time of  the event.

2. Create your spending budget for food,  drinks,  invitations and decorations.

3. Pick the theme and colors. 

3. Write your guest list and pick up or create digital invitations.

4. Create a menu and grocery list.

5. Assign tasks to family and/or friends to share responsibilities to avoid burnout.

6. Decide on the genre of music you want to play and create a playlist.

7. Set up at least 4 hours for small events and 8-12 hours for bigger projects.  This is a great time to obtain last minute items and make finishing touches to the decor.

8. Welcome guests and have fun!

These basic tips are a life saver for party planning.  However, the key word is planning!

If you are considering planning a party let us know what strategies you use in order to make your event and a success.

Suzie 💋

Thursday, June 13, 2019

6 Ways to make your home look brighter!

A bright and airy home feels lighter and is very welcoming when you come home.  Imagine your home caries a magical energy that lifts your mood as soon as you get up.  Everything is clean,  organized and looks refreshingly beautiful that you never want to leave.  This is how you can create that very image for your home and office.  

1. First things first,  open the blinds,  shades, or curtains.  Dark spaces often can feel depressing and dull. 


2. Clean your windows so that sunlight can shine through and give you a boost of vitamin D. Natural light gives your space a glow that provides pleasant and good vibes. 

3. For bedrooms,  use lighting that is energy efficient to keep your utility bill lower, and gives your room the brightness the room needs.  


4. Less provides more.  Remove dust, and clutter to reveal the beautiful items that you have in your home. Using a filter can help with cleaning the air of allergens and dust. 
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5. Change linens to lighter colors and add bright colors to chairs,  couches,  or sitting areas. 

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6. Add a fresh coat of paint to make spaces look bigger and brighter.  Paint can lift a room for a low cost.  If painting is the only change that you make in a room, it makes a huge difference.  

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

5 Laundry Secrets No One Told You

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky

Picture yourself coming home and all of your laundry is neatly put away.  The shirts, pants, and undergarments are folded nicely,  and looks so good that you don't even want to touch them. 

The initial thought of this sounds terrific.  Most times we wash,  dry, and put off folding to the next day. Well,  there are five things that you can try today to keep your laundry moving to where it supposed to be. 

1. Bring your hangers to the laundry room. When you take the clothes out of the dryer, immediately put the ones that need hanging up, on the hangers. 

2. Purchase a portable laundry room rack (see below) to hang your clothes while you finish working on the laundry.  A portable laundry rack saves on space, and opens out when you need it. This item can be attached to the door or the  wall.
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3. Use small containers like the ones shown by Simple Housewares for undergarments, and socks. This product make laundry tasks doable. For smaller loads, and paired items, place them in the designated containers.  Upon completion, put them in your drawers, then your done. 

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4. Plan out your laundry schedule.  Instead of having large amounts of clothing, towels and miscellaneous items,  break down your laundry by colors, days, and times for washing. (light - Mon, dark - Wed, mixed colors - Wed, whites - Mon, clothes/ colors that run -Sat.)

5. Wash, dry, put away, and repeat. If doing laundry has gotten you mentally stressed,  then only wash one load at a time.  This way you can work on mastering the art of putting away your clothes, and the task becomes less daunting.  So, if your list entails washing all towels,  then work on this task solely until all are washed,  dried,  and put away in it's place.  

These are the five secrets to tackling your laundry in record time.  For more details and tips on home organization,  👉 follow us on this blog and share on your social media pages. 

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