Friday, November 29, 2019

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts For 2019

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky

The holiday season is here and you're still looking for the right gift to add to your  Christmas shopping list. If you've missed Black Friday deals, and you need gifts,  there's still time.  These ten gift ideas are a start that can help get your Christmas list started.

1. Bohemian fashion earrings are the latest craze in accessories.  They are stylish and trendy.  You can find them in stores or online with massive savings.

2. Baby products for gifts are a definite hit and not a miss. Clothing, hand free carriers, or decorative night lights are greatly desired.

3. Wireless charging stations for your phone,  watch,  and earbuds make life easier. Charging stations charge all three devices simultaneously, and saves time and space.

4. Infinity Scarfs that holds your wallet,  keys, or phone are not only stylish,  but practical.  It's ideal when making a quick errand, or if you want to go hands free.

5. Minimalist wallet with RFID features that block credit card information theft is quite useful. Help protect your loved ones from  harm. It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

6. If you have friends and family who are looking to eat healthier, then the Portable blender is a great gift. Having the ability to make smoothies on the go, in the office,  or on a family trip is ideal. Show your loved ones that you care for their well being.

7. Nothing is more warm and cozy than a knitted blanket.  This may seem like an overly used idea, but a soft blanket is one of the best feelings when cuddling up to watch your favorite show or enjoying an evening in front of the fireplace on cold winter night.

8. Earbuds are the best thing when you are looking for something small and simple. Many have terrific sound quality and they're portable. Among music lovers,  this is a great gift that will be used quite often.  I'm sure if you purchase the right one,  you'll be thought of every time they are utilized.

9. If you don't have one already,  an air fryer is awesome.  It provides the convenience of cooking in a non messy and healthy fashion. If it's fried foods that you love, no worries.  The air fryer is perfect for frying without out the added oils or grease.  Put your food in,  set the desired temperature along with your timer and your done. Less grease, less mess. Cook meals while getting the dinner table ready. Your loved ones will thank you for it!

10. Give the gift of tools or tool organization products. has a fantastic garage tool organization product as well as a new drill charging station. 

On Instagram,  I uploaded a video on IGTV on how to install a drill charging Station. Follow @organizationwithsuzie to find out more. 

Well,  it's been a pleasure sharing these 10 gift ideas to help you get started with your Christmas and holiday shopping. If finances are a concern,  give the gift of your time to someone who really needs it.  It's wonderful anytime of year!

Comment below to share your thoughts on gifts you think are awesome for this holiday season.  Share this post with someone who would love this. 

P. S. 
Best of luck on your shopping list. Your gifts will help to make someone's holiday a little bit brighter. 


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10 Amazing Christmas Gifts For 2019

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky The holiday season is here and you're still looking for the right gift to add to your  Christmas shopp...