Wednesday, July 24, 2019

3 Reasons Why Velvet Hangers Are Efficient!

If you have ever had clothes fall off the hangers and end up on the floor, then you will understand my platform. Recently I was gifted a box of hangers from the Joy Mangano Huggable Hanger collection, by my mother. She lovingly thought of me when she purchased these hangers for my closet.

As shown in the picture above, these hangers are terrific! If you have purchased velvet hangers in the past then you understand fully where I'm going with this post. There are three great reasons why velvet hangers are so efficient.

1. Velvet hangers tend to be a little bit thinner than your average hanger; therefore, it creates a little bit more space to store additional clothing if you desire.

2.  Silky or satin clothes that have smooth and shiny material that  slide off regular hangers. The Velvet exterior makes it easier for clothes to be hung without falling.  They hold the clothes and there's nothing for them to slide off.

3. These hangers come in a set of 40 and have a uniform clean look. As shown in this picture, thinner hangers create more space. Also, the small investment prevents you from buying additional hangers.  Utilizing the set helped immensely whereas before, I had to use a clothes pin to hold up certain dresses and blouses that couldn't. 

Overall, these hangers are aesthetically pleasing as they are fantastic. So if you haven't gotten your velvet hangers today, try them out. Above is my affiliate link to purchase your hangers today and start conducting your summer cleaning.

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