Thursday, June 20, 2019

Organize and Plan a Party With Ease

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky

 This week I'll be working on planning a birthday party with family.  If you're planning an event or small get together,  here are a few tips to help you along the way. 

1. Determine the date and time of  the event.

2. Create your spending budget for food,  drinks,  invitations and decorations.

3. Pick the theme and colors. 

3. Write your guest list and pick up or create digital invitations.

4. Create a menu and grocery list.

5. Assign tasks to family and/or friends to share responsibilities to avoid burnout.

6. Decide on the genre of music you want to play and create a playlist.

7. Set up at least 4 hours for small events and 8-12 hours for bigger projects.  This is a great time to obtain last minute items and make finishing touches to the decor.

8. Welcome guests and have fun!

These basic tips are a life saver for party planning.  However, the key word is planning!

If you are considering planning a party let us know what strategies you use in order to make your event and a success.

Suzie 💋

Thursday, June 13, 2019

6 Ways to make your home look brighter!

A bright and airy home feels lighter and is very welcoming when you come home.  Imagine your home caries a magical energy that lifts your mood as soon as you get up.  Everything is clean,  organized and looks refreshingly beautiful that you never want to leave.  This is how you can create that very image for your home and office.  

1. First things first,  open the blinds,  shades, or curtains.  Dark spaces often can feel depressing and dull. 


2. Clean your windows so that sunlight can shine through and give you a boost of vitamin D. Natural light gives your space a glow that provides pleasant and good vibes. 

3. For bedrooms,  use lighting that is energy efficient to keep your utility bill lower, and gives your room the brightness the room needs.  


4. Less provides more.  Remove dust, and clutter to reveal the beautiful items that you have in your home. Using a filter can help with cleaning the air of allergens and dust. 
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5. Change linens to lighter colors and add bright colors to chairs,  couches,  or sitting areas. 

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6. Add a fresh coat of paint to make spaces look bigger and brighter.  Paint can lift a room for a low cost.  If painting is the only change that you make in a room, it makes a huge difference.  

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