Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Should Fixing Clutter Take 40 Steps?


According to (2019), "clutter is a collection of things lying about in an untidy mess."

On numerous occasions, we have witnessed external frustration when someone walks into the room and just throws every piece of clothing that they have in their hands on the ground and walk away.

 " I can't do this!" Has been heard countless times before and during sessions when we arrive to assist someone to declutter their home. 

I don't know about you, but I am unable to think clearly when there is too much stuff anywhere in the house. In reading countless articles, and viewing numerous videos online, removing clutter requires strategy. 

If you were going into battle, would you go without a plan? I would hope not. You would need a powerful strategy and system to not only have a successful win, but to keep the enemy at bey. 

Does it take 40 steps to reach your goal? 

It definitely does not take forty steps.  You don't need 40 time consuming, boring, cumbersome steps to clear clutter. It actually takes one step - a decision. However, you do need to ask yourself three essential questions:

1. What caused the clutter?

2. How do I change the system that is in place (or create one) ?

3. Why do I want my environment to change? 

The third question is also one of the hardest to answer because it requires a deeper look into what you truly want. 

Whenever I ask this question, a still silence follows about 95% of the time. It's perfectly alright if you haven't thought about why you don't want clutter in your house or office. More than likely, you just want the mess GONE! 

Have you ever taken the time to think about why it is there in the first place? Once you find the answer, the motivation to decluttering your space will become magnified to the point where you won't want to look back. 

So, are you ready?  You may find out something interesting about yourself that you never knew before. 

Thank you for reading this weeks post. If it has inspired you, comment down below, and share it with your friends. Someone is waiting to hear from you about your experience! 


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