Wednesday, May 15, 2019

My Closet (Before & After)

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky

Closets are the window into the soul, so I've heard. If you were to look into my closet a few days ago, then you would say you're in serious trouble. This week I tackled my closet and all of the clutter on the floor, as you can see in the picture below. 

 My closet over time became riddled with clothes, shoes and miscellaneous items that were out of place. Even though I am a professional organizer, I still struggle with keeping clutter down in my home.

Finding strategies to overcome built up  mess has kept me on my toes. Beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories are my weakness.  Challenges arise when there is an excess of everything.  I receive gifts that are difficult to refuse, or throw away. However,  I realized that I can't keep it all. If I hadn't  worn something within a year, and I don't plan to wear it,  then I should donate it to someone who can make better use of it.

So, let's begin on tackling the closet. If your clothes are out of place, things are on the floor, and you have to step over items in order to get to a pair of pants, then keep reading. The first thing I did before I touched anything,  was put on some beautiful music via earbuds, so that I could make it a fun, yet therapeutic experience.

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No one likes the act of organizing, but the end result is so wonderful that you just wish that it can go from chaotic to beautifully organized in just a snap of your fingers.

Next, I picked up all of the clothes off of the floor, and I separated them. I had three piles; laundry, donate, and purge.

The purged items were immediately removed.  I was very grateful for all of the items, and when I looked at the amount of stuff that I actually took out of the closet, I felt blessed and grateful.

I then moved on to the shoes. This was extremely difficult.  I organized all of the shoes that I was going to wear in the upcoming summer season.  All of my winter shoes and boots were placed in a leopard tote container that my mother gave me (don'task).  I realized that I had more shoes than I intended to wear.  Many of the shoes went towards the donation pile as they were in great condition.

Lastly, I picked up miscellaneous items and created a home for each one.  Most times we don't utilize the space that is going upward.  We tend to expand outward, so I utilized the space above the clothes rack. Six unused bins  from another closet filled the space.  In it I put sweaters,  handbags,  and other winter items.

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Upon finishing, I vacuumed out the closet. When the laundry was completed, I hung each item of clothing on velvet hangers to maximize the space.  The entire process took approximately minutes from start to finish.

The closest is now complete.  Getting ready in the morning no longer involve lunges and calisthenics to reach my clothing. Everything is accessible, and the space feels energized and serene.

If you are having challenges, or have recently organized your  closet we would love to read about it.  Comment down below to share your story.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.  Follow,  share, and subscribe to our Blog for updates on our decluttering stories and strategies.  Next week I'll be working on books and paperwork, so stay tuned!


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