Monday, April 1, 2019

It's Monday and 4 Days Until Friday.

It's Monday... four more days until Friday. It feels like time goes dreadfully slower when your at work and speeds up when you go to sleep. Yet, somehow you manage to get up and go to work every day.

What would you do to change that scenario?  I recently listened to a podcast that discussed how to change your circumstances.  The  key element was your mindset.  Whatever you place your focus on becomes your reality.

When you go to work on Monday, what do you focus on?, Friday, so in between that time what are you continuiing to focus on?  Friday becomes your focus. Why not take the time to focus on a job you would like to do. Instead of focusing on the mundane days that lie between Monday and  Friday,  try to recreate your vision.

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Some questions that you can ask yourself are:

1. What do you like to do?

2. What are you good at?

3. What is something that you could do today and the rest of your life, and be happy?

4. What brings you joy?

These are challenging questions that you can ask yourself, but they're going to take time to answer. Also, these questions can be applied to many aspects of life and business. So ask yourself after you have answered these questions,  do I still look forward to Friday?

Note that what you love to do on a daily basis,  may have provided you with  strength, creativity, skill, and joy by Friday. Once you have changed your mindset,  you've already started working on something that you love and something that can actually propel your life forward - you!

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Thank you for reading this week's post.  I felt inspired to share this information to encourage you throughout the week.  Be blessed!




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