Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Why doesn't everyone do it? Part II

Last week, I asked the question, if organization and decluttering are so good,  then why doesn't everyone do it?

A few posts ago,  I wrote that organization is more than just cleaning and purging your home or business.  It's more of a mindset. If you believe that you can or cannot get yourself organized, either way,  you are right.  

The more you work on decluttering, the more you will build your skill.  As you build your skills, the more you will see progress not only in your physical environment, but your mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual experiences as well. 

It's overwhelming to think about the things that you have to do in your home daily. You have so many responsibilities, but just don't have the time to  complete everything.  But, if you take at least 10 to 20 minutes of your day, even if it's in the early morning hours to organize a particular room in your house, the results will be a transformed room followed by a changed outlook on life.  

For the upcoming week this is a challenge for you: 
1.  Pick an area of your home that needs care. 

2. In that room, look to see what is the focal point? If it's your bedroom,  the focal point may be your bed because it's the first thing that you see when you walk into the room.  

3. Next, start removing all the items that do not belong and place them in 3 piles. The first pile is keep, the second is purge, and the third is donate. 

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4. Once everything is cleared off and piles are complete, start putting away the items in the keep pile, throw away the items in the purge pile, and immediately donate the items in the third pile.  

4. Everyday,  repeat the process until everything is put away,  purged, and donated. 

5. Next,  conduct an overview of the entire area, and if it is the way that you desire, then move onto the next room. 

After each area is completed,  take notice to how you feel and the changes that you notice in your life.  I'm sure that you will experience a positive impact on the way that you live and work going forward.  

Thank you for reading this week's post.  Please share  subscribe, and comment below.  Post your before and after pictures so that we can see your progress.  Most importantly,  begin exploring the possibilities of having an organized environment.  

Suzie 👄

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