Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Bravest Clutter Challenge

What happens when you walk through your door and all that you see is a total mess?  How does it make you feel inside?  Do you become frustrated and start fussing about everything that is out of place in the room? Well, if you do keep reading.

Growing up, like so many of us, I thought my mother was invincible. She would come home from work, cook dinner, help us with our homework, straighten up the place, get us ready for bed, and make it all look so simple and easy. When I became a mother, I really appreciated my mom for all that she has done in our lives.  I am truly grateful that I can still tell her that. The one thing I always wondered was, how in the world did she deal with clutter? 

Even though I am a professional organizer, I still struggle with keeping things neat and tidy. 


After years of searching , I found that clutter accumulates over time because of the lack of systems. Even though I was not aware at the time I was growing up, my mother established her own system to keep things in place. 

When the areas(s) of your home become overwhelmed with stuff, then chaos forms. This is when items become harder to locate, and the clothes that started out as a small pile, end up being a mountainous hazard. 

I'm here to tell you - No More!  Take the "Bravest Clutter Challenge," and see how your life will change. In an effort to declutter your life, start with your clothes.  A recent friend decided to take this challenge and got rid of 23 old pairs of socks that had even the slightest ware. This was accomplished by ripping the sox in two, so that they could never be worn again. Next, old underwear and tee-shirts that had holes, were also ripped in two. They figured if the holes were not good enough for themselves then they shouldn't be good enough for anyone else to wear. All of the good wearable items that did not fit, or were not used, were donated and sent off that day. All other usable items were assigned a permanent home, and thus a system was born. 

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Each piece of clothing has a designated space. Unnecessary items were discarded or donated.  There was just enough room for what was truly needed. This system of having a certain amount of clothing, helps to cut down on the amount of clutter build up. 

With that said, are you willing to take the Bravest Clutter Challenge? Are you will to say;

  • "No more clutter in my life, I'll only accept a well organized home." 
  • "No more chaos in my life, I'll only accept peace and serenity."
  • "No more negativity in my life, I'll only accept positive vibes and happiness."
It's time to take you home back. It's time to regain serenity and conquer the clutter in your life. 

If you are tired of clutter, stand up and say, NO MORE! For every item that is worn, torn and unusable rip into two, and discard it. Any usable items that haven't been worn, toss or donate it that day. If it stays around, that may be an opportunity to keep it, so be brave and rid your life of it! 

I certainly, understand that clutter wares you down. Overtime, you get frustrated and throw your hands up and say,  "forget this." If you are struggling with clutter, we can help. Let us guide you on how to declutter your home and regain balance in your life. For more information on how to begin, check out our services page to see what package best suits your needs. 

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P. S. Remember to get a copy of your "Get My Life Organized" printable while supplies last. 


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