Wednesday, February 20, 2019

5 Budget Friendly Stores I Frequently Purchase Organization Products From

Shopping for a valuable bargain is very important when your budget is limited.  Growing up, my father taught me to look for products that are well priced, but will have plenty of use. I have found that several stores carry great quality products for your organization needs.

1. Dollar Tree. 

 I recently posted several DIY videos on YouTube consisting of items from the Dollar Tree.  From time to time I find unexpected items that have potential for multiple purposes.  

2. Burlington Coat Factory 

Burlington has more than just coats. They have clothes,  shoes,  bathrooms accessories,  and home decor.  I have shopped for kitchen wares to clothing for family members.  The prices are affordable and the variety of items are fantastic.  

3. At Home

Several items in my home such as the side table in my prayer/ meditation area have been purchased from At Home.  The table functions as both a table that holds my prayer books, and decor for the room.  


For many years I have been purchasing storage items from IKEA. The products are not only durable,  but functional as well. I store everything from shampoo to food items within them. Because I coupon and have multiple items,  storage is a necessity.  Now I can not only purchase what I need,  I have a place to store them as well. 

5.  Amazon 

 These drawer dividers by MDesign were purchased from Amazon and have made a world of difference with keeping clothes neat and  tidy. They are durable, easy to install and convenient to purchase.  Looking for items online has decreased my shopping time and have opened my eyes to new possibilities and products.  I can read reviews and see the best selling products on the market.  There are so many options, including shipping to choose from, and I can appreciate that. 

Shopping for  organization products doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money.  Take time to  explore your options and then make a decision on how you want to spend your money.    A good storage product can last for  many years and have multiple functions.  Check out the stores listed above to find your next storage option.  When you locate the items that you need, purchase them and get organized. 

You got this!

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