Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How To Improve Paper Clutter in 60 Minutes?

Paper clutter affects everyone. When you walk into the room that  has papers scattered everywhere, on the table, on the floor, on the desk, or in the cabinets and drawers, this brings down your motivation and spirit. Paper clutter can be tackled in just 60 minutes and here's how! 

1. Gather all of the paper from all over the house or apartment and place it in one specific location.

2. If it's early in the morning, get a hot cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage and placed it near you. Now sip, and breathe in good vibes and relaxation and breathe out all the negative emotions that are created because of all of the paper in your view. 

3. Get into a good position, and start sorting. 

4. Separate all bills, credit cards, junk, and miscellaneous mail into respective piles. If you want to use bins, that's OK, if you tend to the paperwork right away. 

5. Shred all junk mail with your personal information and place them in the trash when finished.

6. File important papers such as mortgage, rent, insurance, or car payments into a filing system using hanging file folders that you can easily label and get to when needed. To cut down on the amount of space, scan and save important documents on a usb flash drive 

Creating a system such as a command station to help organize the incoming and outgoing mail and papers, are a great way to get keep abreast of all paperwork. As a result of using a command station in your home or office, paperwork is neatly organized and prioritized. 

You can easily transform your paper clutter in as little as 60 minutes. When you carve out one hour of your day, you would have taken the next steps to ridding your space of unwanted papers and unnecessary trash. 

So, when will you begin working on your paper clutter? 

You got this! 


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