Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Apply These 5 Techniques To Help Improve Your Childs Organization!

Parenting is a rewarding experience and it can also be challenging when you have to work, attend after school activities, cook dinner, and do homework.  So, what steps do you take when faced with mounting dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and no time for yourself?

1. Get your child involved in the organization process.  Children have immense creativity that is sometimes overlooked. Provide your child with the ability to plan out their closet, drawers or, bookbag, and assist them as needed. 

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2. Organize with your child to bond with him/ or her. Bonding with your child makes the tidying process memorable and enjoyable. 

3. Teach your child where and why each item should have a specific home. Once your child knows the reasons for putting away items, they are more likely to put them back in their rightful space. 

4. Stay on schedule. Developing a routine early in life is great for building lasting success. By learning to tidy their space coupled with a daily schedule, teaches life lessons such as self worth and discipline, which will benefit them throughout life. 

5. Provide positive feedback and rewards. For every item that is placed in the correct space, give an affirmation such as "good job!." When your child places items in the correct space, reward and show them their progress. 

A great way to complete this task is to develop a written schedule.  Everyday, place a sticker (star or happy face) next to the task that has been completed. If there are, for example, 4 stars at the end of the week, they would have the option of selecting a favorite movie to watch on Friday night. If your child has earned 5 or more stars, a fun activity such as going for ice cream or playing glow golf can be an exciting reward.  The rewards can vary, but can also be a creative way to help keep your child on track with tasks. 

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As a parent or guardian, the rewards of parenting are wonderful especially when you observe your child's growing success. Organization is a skill that takes time and has to be practiced everyday. Without the basic five elements listed above, your child may not experience the joys of bonding with you and experiencing the rewards that life has to offer. Seize the day, and start applying these five techniques to help your child get organized.   

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