Wednesday, January 30, 2019

5 Organization Tips To Propel Your Weight Loss Goals

Now that we are several weeks into the new year, new years resolutions have become challenging to keep up with. With busy schedules and no time to do the day to day activities,  how can you stay on track - especially with health and fitness goals? 

Well,  here 5 ways to keep the momentum going so that you can achieve your health & fitness goals in 2019. 

1.  Make sure your goals are clear and concise.  Goals that are general usually don't work.  A clear and concise goal would be: 

Wake up at 5am, get dressed and head to the gym for a 30 minute cardio workout on Monday,  Wednesday,  and Friday. 

2. Prepare your schedule. Plan out every  meal from the time you get up until you go to bed.  This also includes snacks and water intake.  Meal preparation is pivotal when changing your lifestyle. It takes the guess work out of what should you eat for breakfast , lunch,  or dinner.  When temptation comes, and it will come, staying committed to your meal plan may be difficult, but rewarding to your health and longevity. 

3. In addition to meal planning, prepare foods and store them in an appropriate location. If you are in a hurry,  you can now grab something quick.  Mason jars, or any food/ microwave safe containers work best. For portion sizes and  nutrition go to  Myplate. Gov for additional information.  

4. Pack your workout bag the night before. Place items such as a towel,  combination lock, bottle for water, wipes, headphones,  socks,  footwear,  workout clothes,  and protein bar if you desire.  

5. Organize your accountability system.  Create a workout buddy plan where you call one another to either workout,  and/ or encourage each other.  

You can accomplish your goals with one or all of the tips listed.  Most individuals accomplish weight release by working hard and  staying committed. This is the most important tip of all.  Without commitment, it would take longer and become more frustrating to achieve your goals.  So, let's get to it. Make 2019 your best and most successful year ever! You can do it.  

Get your copy of the goal planning checklist and "Get My Life Organized " printable today! 

Suzie 💋

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