Wednesday, January 30, 2019

5 Organization Tips To Propel Your Weight Loss Goals

Now that we are several weeks into the new year, new years resolutions have become challenging to keep up with. With busy schedules and no time to do the day to day activities,  how can you stay on track - especially with health and fitness goals? 

Well,  here 5 ways to keep the momentum going so that you can achieve your health & fitness goals in 2019. 

1.  Make sure your goals are clear and concise.  Goals that are general usually don't work.  A clear and concise goal would be: 

Wake up at 5am, get dressed and head to the gym for a 30 minute cardio workout on Monday,  Wednesday,  and Friday. 

2. Prepare your schedule. Plan out every  meal from the time you get up until you go to bed.  This also includes snacks and water intake.  Meal preparation is pivotal when changing your lifestyle. It takes the guess work out of what should you eat for breakfast , lunch,  or dinner.  When temptation comes, and it will come, staying committed to your meal plan may be difficult, but rewarding to your health and longevity. 

3. In addition to meal planning, prepare foods and store them in an appropriate location. If you are in a hurry,  you can now grab something quick.  Mason jars, or any food/ microwave safe containers work best. For portion sizes and  nutrition go to  Myplate. Gov for additional information.  

4. Pack your workout bag the night before. Place items such as a towel,  combination lock, bottle for water, wipes, headphones,  socks,  footwear,  workout clothes,  and protein bar if you desire.  

5. Organize your accountability system.  Create a workout buddy plan where you call one another to either workout,  and/ or encourage each other.  

You can accomplish your goals with one or all of the tips listed.  Most individuals accomplish weight release by working hard and  staying committed. This is the most important tip of all.  Without commitment, it would take longer and become more frustrating to achieve your goals.  So, let's get to it. Make 2019 your best and most successful year ever! You can do it.  

Get your copy of the goal planning checklist and "Get My Life Organized " printable today! 

Suzie 💋

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Apply These 5 Techniques To Help Improve Your Childs Organization!

Parenting is a rewarding experience and it can also be challenging when you have to work, attend after school activities, cook dinner, and do homework.  So, what steps do you take when faced with mounting dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and no time for yourself?

1. Get your child involved in the organization process.  Children have immense creativity that is sometimes overlooked. Provide your child with the ability to plan out their closet, drawers or, bookbag, and assist them as needed. 

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2. Organize with your child to bond with him/ or her. Bonding with your child makes the tidying process memorable and enjoyable. 

3. Teach your child where and why each item should have a specific home. Once your child knows the reasons for putting away items, they are more likely to put them back in their rightful space. 

4. Stay on schedule. Developing a routine early in life is great for building lasting success. By learning to tidy their space coupled with a daily schedule, teaches life lessons such as self worth and discipline, which will benefit them throughout life. 

5. Provide positive feedback and rewards. For every item that is placed in the correct space, give an affirmation such as "good job!." When your child places items in the correct space, reward and show them their progress. 

A great way to complete this task is to develop a written schedule.  Everyday, place a sticker (star or happy face) next to the task that has been completed. If there are, for example, 4 stars at the end of the week, they would have the option of selecting a favorite movie to watch on Friday night. If your child has earned 5 or more stars, a fun activity such as going for ice cream or playing glow golf can be an exciting reward.  The rewards can vary, but can also be a creative way to help keep your child on track with tasks. 

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As a parent or guardian, the rewards of parenting are wonderful especially when you observe your child's growing success. Organization is a skill that takes time and has to be practiced everyday. Without the basic five elements listed above, your child may not experience the joys of bonding with you and experiencing the rewards that life has to offer. Seize the day, and start applying these five techniques to help your child get organized.   

P.S. Don't forget to purchase your "Get My Life Organized; Plan Your Day" series while supplies last. Some believe that if you work hard enough at getting your life organized, everything else falls into place. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How To Improve Paper Clutter in 60 Minutes?

Paper clutter affects everyone. When you walk into the room that  has papers scattered everywhere, on the table, on the floor, on the desk, or in the cabinets and drawers, this brings down your motivation and spirit. Paper clutter can be tackled in just 60 minutes and here's how! 

1. Gather all of the paper from all over the house or apartment and place it in one specific location.

2. If it's early in the morning, get a hot cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage and placed it near you. Now sip, and breathe in good vibes and relaxation and breathe out all the negative emotions that are created because of all of the paper in your view. 

3. Get into a good position, and start sorting. 

4. Separate all bills, credit cards, junk, and miscellaneous mail into respective piles. If you want to use bins, that's OK, if you tend to the paperwork right away. 

5. Shred all junk mail with your personal information and place them in the trash when finished.

6. File important papers such as mortgage, rent, insurance, or car payments into a filing system using hanging file folders that you can easily label and get to when needed. To cut down on the amount of space, scan and save important documents on a usb flash drive 

Creating a system such as a command station to help organize the incoming and outgoing mail and papers, are a great way to get keep abreast of all paperwork. As a result of using a command station in your home or office, paperwork is neatly organized and prioritized. 

You can easily transform your paper clutter in as little as 60 minutes. When you carve out one hour of your day, you would have taken the next steps to ridding your space of unwanted papers and unnecessary trash. 

So, when will you begin working on your paper clutter? 

You got this! 


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

5 Limiting Beliefs That Block Organization

What if you could organize your home in the way that you want?  What would it be like if you came home and saw everything perfectly placed., neatly organized, and serene.  ALL of your clothes were put away and you had more time to do anything else besides cleaning and tidying?

This is a life that you can have. By removing limiting beliefs, you can accomplish so much! 

Below are 5 limiting beliefs that have been heard time and time again. Which one sounds familiar?

1. "I don't have enough time"
    Everyone has 24 hours in the day. What you do with your 24 hours is a foretelling of what your           success will be like going forward. In order to gain more time, get up at least one hour earlier. 
    This would mean that on the back end, you would need to go to bed at least one hour earlier as

2. "I don't have the right skills 
    Organization, like anything else, takes time to learn. Once you start, don't stop. You will eventually     learn more about who you are and what you are capable of. You can start by picking up those 
    clothes, sort them by category, folding them, and putting them away in a designated place. This is 
    the quickest tip to start organizing today. 

3. It's too much to handle
    Staring at a pile of papers or clutter seems overwhelming. By tackling one piece at a time, until

    the pile eventually goes down, the mess just doesn't seem that overwhelming anymore.
 The key is , to start.

4. What if I get rid of something that I need?
     Before you get rid of something by either donating the item, selling it, or tossing it in the trash,
     ask  yourself, "is this item benefiting you now, and will it benefit you in the future and how?" 
     Once you ask yourself these questions, you will come up with the answer. 

5. What's the point of doing this?
     There are great benefits to organizing your space. The first is, you will know where your things
     are. Second,  it relieves the stress of looking for items, and lastly, you have a handle on your 
     inventory which can save you money long-term. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

I have been in situations where my limiting beliefs have made a negative impact on my home and work, so I definitely understand. After, taking the time to positively alter my thinking, I have been able to accomplish so many projects and gain a better understanding to the purpose of each room, so that I could arrange it accordingly.

To help you get started with organizing your life, download a copy of the  "2019 Get My Life Organized" worksheet/planner. The time has come to transform your life for the better. This program will be offered for a limited time only, so take action today!


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