Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Getting Organized Is Your Worst Enemy: 4 Ways To Defeat It.

Picture Source: S. Roberts Lukowsky 

Imagine that you enter your home and everything is in it's place. All clothes are washed and put away. Beds are made and with perfectly pressed sheets and smells of crisp linens fill the environment. Everything looks clean and pristine. All items are neatly in their place. No dust can be found anywhere. This is a home that you definitely want to come home to.

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What happens when you go home every evening? Are there clothes on the floor, or thrown over a chair? Are you tripping over shoes and toys as you walk in a room? Has the staircase become a collection of last weeks clothes?

 Look around and ask yourself the following questions:

How do all the rooms in your home look?

What feeling do you get when you arrive home?

How does your room, bathroom, hallway, or dining room smell like?

What sounds do you here as you walk through the house?

As you look around, you feel stress, anxiety, and an overwhelming feeling that you cannot do this. Instead of tackling the issue today, you decide to deal with the disorganization another day. Soon that day moves to another day, then another, and another.

If this sounds like how you feel, then read on. We understand the frustrations of having to go to work, come home, cook dinner, and stare at a home that needs CPR - fast.

Here are 4 ways that you can easily defeat that mess and get that well organized home today.

1. Start with one room - (your gathering place.)

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2. Pick one item that is overwhelming. If that is clothes or papers start with that.

3. Pick up and separate all of the clothes into categories and put in it's respective space. (keep, laundry, purge, donate) 

4. Once every item (clothing) has been sorted and put away, start the process all over again.

Soon, you would have begun cleaning and organizing your space.

I understand that knowing where to start can be a challenge. Taking the necessary steps to get organized is the victory. Not taking any action, results in your space remaining the same. So, take a baby step towards your organization goals. Download the "My Organization Plan" to help get you on your way.    

Suzie 💋
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