Wednesday, December 19, 2018

10 Things To Toss in 2019

1. Old clothes that either don't fit or has to many holes in them.

2. Shoes with holes that you can feel the ground beneath you.

3. Socks with holes or have lost their elastic.   

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4. underwear from yester year. If the elastic is gone  it must move on! 

5. Shirts with armpit stains or ones that you no longer find useful to wear.

6. Belts that are cracked, broken at the end, and no longer hook. 

7. Handbags or wallets where the leather or material has faded or starts to fuse together.

8. Old makeup- why keep it?

9.  Matted hairbrushes and combs that you would not lend to a family member or friend.

10. Undershirts that have unstylish holes - toss it!!!

These are a short list of things that you can purge to start getting yourself organized. 

Check out my Free "10 Things to Toss List" in the printables section. I have added a bonus at the end! 

Ask yourself these questions if you have trouble getting rid of your things:

Does the item serve a purpose?

Does the item contribute to my overall well being?

If it does not contribute to my joy, or wellbeing, why am I holding onto it?

Let The Tossing Begin! 

Don't feel intimidated by what others are doing. Your are in a lane of your own, so always remember,  You Got This!!!

Be well,



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