Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Getting Organized Is Your Worst Enemy: 4 Ways To Defeat It.

Picture Source: S. Roberts Lukowsky 

Imagine that you enter your home and everything is in it's place. All clothes are washed and put away. Beds are made and with perfectly pressed sheets and smells of crisp linens fill the environment. Everything looks clean and pristine. All items are neatly in their place. No dust can be found anywhere. This is a home that you definitely want to come home to.

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What happens when you go home every evening? Are there clothes on the floor, or thrown over a chair? Are you tripping over shoes and toys as you walk in a room? Has the staircase become a collection of last weeks clothes?

 Look around and ask yourself the following questions:

How do all the rooms in your home look?

What feeling do you get when you arrive home?

How does your room, bathroom, hallway, or dining room smell like?

What sounds do you here as you walk through the house?

As you look around, you feel stress, anxiety, and an overwhelming feeling that you cannot do this. Instead of tackling the issue today, you decide to deal with the disorganization another day. Soon that day moves to another day, then another, and another.

If this sounds like how you feel, then read on. We understand the frustrations of having to go to work, come home, cook dinner, and stare at a home that needs CPR - fast.

Here are 4 ways that you can easily defeat that mess and get that well organized home today.

1. Start with one room - (your gathering place.)

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2. Pick one item that is overwhelming. If that is clothes or papers start with that.

3. Pick up and separate all of the clothes into categories and put in it's respective space. (keep, laundry, purge, donate) 

4. Once every item (clothing) has been sorted and put away, start the process all over again.

Soon, you would have begun cleaning and organizing your space.

I understand that knowing where to start can be a challenge. Taking the necessary steps to get organized is the victory. Not taking any action, results in your space remaining the same. So, take a baby step towards your organization goals. Download the "My Organization Plan" to help get you on your way.    

Suzie 💋
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

10 Things To Toss in 2019

1. Old clothes that either don't fit or has to many holes in them.

2. Shoes with holes that you can feel the ground beneath you.

3. Socks with holes or have lost their elastic.   

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4. underwear from yester year. If the elastic is gone  it must move on! 

5. Shirts with armpit stains or ones that you no longer find useful to wear.

6. Belts that are cracked, broken at the end, and no longer hook. 

7. Handbags or wallets where the leather or material has faded or starts to fuse together.

8. Old makeup- why keep it?

9.  Matted hairbrushes and combs that you would not lend to a family member or friend.

10. Undershirts that have unstylish holes - toss it!!!

These are a short list of things that you can purge to start getting yourself organized. 

Check out my Free "10 Things to Toss List" in the printables section. I have added a bonus at the end! 

Ask yourself these questions if you have trouble getting rid of your things:

Does the item serve a purpose?

Does the item contribute to my overall well being?

If it does not contribute to my joy, or wellbeing, why am I holding onto it?

Let The Tossing Begin! 

Don't feel intimidated by what others are doing. Your are in a lane of your own, so always remember,  You Got This!!!

Be well,



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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Cleaning Routine Faster

Cleaning the bathroom can be faster than you think.  You can wake up to a relaxing refreshing environment that takes your breath away- not in a bad way.  By following these quick steps, clutter and dirt will be a thing of the past and cleaning will be swift.

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1. Choose a day and time that you will clean the bathroom(s).

Picture source S. Roberts Lukowsky

2. Have all of your cleaning supplies and tools handy. A cleaning caddy with several inserts for items such as scrub brushes, gloves, sponges, and trash bags cuts down on your cleaning time. 

3. Start with the most daunting tasks -the tub, and toilet including the base with a disinfectant cleaner.  

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4. Work your way to the sink and counter. Be sure to clear away all visible clutter and place them in a permanent home. 

5. Clean the mirror, sweep the floor, and takeout the trash. 

6. Final step is to mop or steam clean the floor on the way out of the bathroom.  
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These six steps will help to save time on your routine and make cleaning a breeze. I  understand that knowing where to begin is frustrating.  I have provided a weekly bathroom cleaning routine printable to help get you started. The printable provides examples and a check list. Take advantage of this free resource to jump start your cleaning routine to avoid unsanitary conditions. 

Be well,


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bathroom Closet 2.0 - The Next Step

Bathroom Closet 2.0  - The Next Step !


Did you know that when your bathroom closet is organized you can increase the time that you get ready for work. 

According to Benjamin Franklin, "for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned." That's some serious time! 

Organization With Suzie, LLC 2018
Imagine when you get up and have a shower, fresh towels are available, soap is just an arms length away, all of your razors, and hair accessories are where you can find them, and even your deodorant hasn't walked away, nor is the cap missing from the top! 


This is truly the way to live. With an organized closet, success is bound to happen. But, what happens when the closet is filled with clutter. The struggle is definitely real when your trying to find what your looking for and it's getting close to the time that you have to leave for work. 

Once you finally get in the shower, what do you feel when you reach for your towel?  - air. Your towel is missing off of the rack and no one is available to hand you another one. 

This was my dilemma before I took the needed time to get my life in order. See the video on how I organized my bathroom closet.

The steps below propelled the bathroom closet from bake to cake in less than 90 minutes. 

1. Take everything out of the closet.   

2. Separate each item by category.

3. Purge items that are expired, empty, or not usable.

4. Clean inside the closet from top to bottom.

5. Measure the shelves and floor for excess product storage containers. 

Organization With Suzie, LLC 2018

6. If storage containers are not desires, map out where you would like to place your items.

7. Do a dry run and see how the space will look with your items/ storage containers.

8. Label your shelves and/or storage systems.
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9. Place your items in the designated space. 

10. Choose a day in the week that you will go through the items in the closet to purge and maintain the space. 

With these steps, you are now ready to take on the bathroom closet organization challenge. I understand the frustration with a disorganized space and have provided additional resources to help jump start your organization projects. 

For additional assistance download the My Organization Plan, and the Goal Planner printables. With these tools, you can start organizing with confidence. Transform your bathroom closet from ughhhh to YESSSSS!, in just a small amount of time. 

Since the 2019 year is rapidly approaching, don't waste momentum. Download these tools today, watch the video, and obtain the products listed in this post to help you get the beautifully organized bathroom closet you deserve. 


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