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Stop Wasting Time!: 3 Tips To Help Resolve Procrastination

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        Life is hectic and filled with multiple tasks, decisions, and events that constantly bombard our schedules. It always seems that there's just not enough hours in the day to do what you have to do. From the time that you get up, to the time that you go to bed, the thought that you are forgetting something now makes you feel overwhelmed, disorganized and in essence, like a failure. With these feelings floating around in your mind and heart, tackling difficult or cumbersome tasks that do not bring you joy become hurdles to jump over in the log run. 

So, how do you resolve procrastination? 

1. Meditate
A good way to work start is by prayer and meditation. If your tired all of the time, overworked, and overstressed by the daily responsibilities, take the time to decompress. When you have duties that need to be completed in a timely manner, before you decide to delay the task, breathe. 

Take four deep breaths and listen. You can try this technique in your room, at your desk, or while parked safely in your car. Sit up straight. Observe your breathing. See your chest moving up and down. Listen as you breathe in through your nose and out through the mouth. This helps to center your thinking. In the past, this has helped many individuals, including myself, to refocus. This should take approximately 5 minutes or more of your time. 

Meditation along with prayer are extremely helpful for centering yourself and obtain inner piece. Also, the use of aromatherapy is a great ways to help you relax.  Ask an aromatherapist about which scents are helpful for relaxation. Once you feel a certain level of serenity, and are ready to start tackling a difficult task, then it's time to begin. However, if you are not ready, then it is probably best that you do not begin to work on any tasks until you are completely ready to do so. 

Meditation is essential when handling day to day activities. Most inspirational or motivational coaches will tell you to work on this as a way to keep you energized throughout the day. Having energy is important, because without it, you won't accomplish what you set out for the day, which prompts you to put it off for another date or time. 

2. Refocus Your Time

A smartwatch is a powerful tool to refocus your time.  On a daily basis I use my Samsung Gearfit 2 smartwatch to help keep me on tasks  Apart from the wonderful health tracking features, the timer selection can be utilized as a great strategy to monitor how much time it takes you to complete assignments. The reason why I chose a timer is because it counts backwards, and shows the user how much time is left, rather than how much time you have to work towards completion. 

Pick one day in the week and record all of your activities. Examine where you focused the majority as well as the least portion of your time. Circle the activities that were unproductive and place a check next to the ones that were productive.  If a day is too long to track, start with one hour and work your way up. 

Next, if you don't have one already, obtain a daily/ weekly planner that contains notes, and allows you to document completed tasks. Currently, I use two planners, one for business and the other for home/ personal. I started out with one and saw the need to obtain an additional planner to record all business related tasks and projects. This helps me to further separate all business from personal. 

Start with a small assignment. Set your watch for five minutes. Let the timer begin and start your task. At the end of the five minutes, record all of which you completed for that specific task and timeframe. Feel good about what you've accomplished. If you didn't finish, that's ok. The biggest victory is - You Took Action!!!!   

Focus on one task at a time until completion. For example, if your task is to complete one basket of laundry, ensure that you wash, dry, fold and then put away that one basket before starting additional loads. This will take a bit longer than five minutes. However, as you master the five minute timeframe, additional time can be added just as long as you feel comfortable. If five minutes is all that you are willing to invest, remember it's not a race, just a tool to help you monitor your progression. 

3. See Yourself As Proactive & Stop Labeling Yourself As A Procrastinator!!!
Uncomfortable, menial, or daunting that difficult tasks may be, procrastination is a learned behavior. You are not born with a procrastination gene. This behavior is learned over time. 

Most times when a difficult task comes up, what do we want to do?  We want to pass the buck, or give it to someone else to do. Overtime, this becomes a habit. So, STOP LABELING YOURSELF!!!!

See yourself as proactive. Tell yourself that you are proactive through affirmations such as these... 

I complete all tasks on time.

I am efficient.
I take care of my business on a daily basis.
I am proactive! 

Come up with some of your own. Once you change your mind, you start changing the way that you see yourself. For the next 21 days, work on setting a five (5) minute timer, along with setting a goal to start with a five minute timeframe to work on your tasks.  According to research it takes approximately 21 days to start a new habit. Beginning is hard, but continuing is beneficial long-term, and know that got this!!! 

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