Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How To Get Dressed In The Dark?

How To Get Dressed In the Dark

Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky (Suzie)

Everyone desires to come home to a well organized and beautiful place. But what triggers stress the moment you turn the key and enter home?, piles of stuff that need to be removed.

"There is not enough time in the day",  "I don't know where to start", or "this is just to overwhelming for me to deal with right now!" are several concerns that I have heard when the desire to start an organization project occurs.

Many will begin a project and never get around to finish it because they look for other things around the house to do.  Those projects gets started along with everything else.  Soon enough there's pockets of unfinished tasks that are halfway completed. If you have experienced this, your not alone!

Well,  where do you start?

Recently, I worked on a set of dresser drawers that needed tidying up.  There were tee shirts, undershirts, and underwear mixed together in no particular order. The owner wanted to learn how to fold and organize his clothes, so that he could spend less time in the morning fumbling around the room while looking for things to wear as his wife was sleeping.
His job had early morning hours. Several times a week his work schedule started at 3:00am. He wanted a system that would allow him to get dressed in the dark and in lesser time than usual.

Initially,  when he attempted to tidy up, stress and anxiety came over him. This made him want to forget the whole thing and just wing it. After several failed attempts, he was frustrated.  So, he called me in to assist.

The strategy was simple. He just needed guidance on these tips listed below.
  • Select and view the space for the intended purpose.
  • Clear the contents out and purge items that are of no use
  • Measure the space, and purchase the necessary items to complete the task
  • Install the product, fold and neatly put away clothes. 


This sounds easy, but these are simplified steps to get you started.

First the drawer order was decided based on the way he got dressed in the morning; underwear first, undershirt second, socks third, shirt fourth and pants last.  One of the products I used in the drawers were adjustable drawer divider from MDesign . The dividers were sturdy and easy to install.  I found it quite helpful to neatly separate the clothing and the owner found it useful as well.  Next, for his vast collection of socks, functional drawer organizers were the best fit to keep things neat and uniform.


Now that the project is complete, there was a breathe of relief.  The initial feelings of anxiety and stress have been alleviated and replaced by a sense of peace and accomplishment. The early morning fusses turned into gentle kisses to his wife's forehead as he exited their bedroom for the workday.

You too can have a story like this. Everyone deserves a chance at having a well organized and beautiful space.  We understand that starting a tidying project can be stressful and overwhelming.  Look no further, we are here to help.

With our system,  you can be organized in just a few steps and with our weekly maintenance plan you can stay organized.

To receive one on one assistance and unlimited email access to our professional organizer, contact us for a consultation to receive an initial assessment. If you are not in one of our service areas, start with the steps listed above, purchase the items posted and contact us for assistance.                                          


Start today so that you can have another item to check off before the new year begins. Regain balance and control over your time and life.  Your space will be transformed from disorderly to organized in just a short period of time.  Not tending to your space will result in it becoming unmanageable and delaying your progress of creating balance.

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