Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How To Clean Up & Clean Out For The Holidays

          The holidays are just around the corner. The smells of cinnamon scented pine cones fill the air and the sales of holiday décor fill the stores bringing a certain joy to our hearts. With the holidays closely on its way, the anxiety of cleaning up may be on your mind. As the days get closer, the thought of all the necessary tasks that you have to do starts piling up.

Well, here are 10 steps to help get your home in tip top shape for the holidays.

1. Start with the room that you and all of your guests will see when they arrive. Examine the room and all of the details that need to be taken cared of.  Note that the reason for cleaning up and cleaning out is to ignite joy this holiday season and spend time with the ones you love.

2. Write down everything that that needs to be done in one day. You would be surprised how many things you can accomplish in a day with a well prepared list.

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Doing what you need to accomplish in one day will allow you to focus on one room at a time. This is a special event organization and cleaning. The depth of your organization is more for staging your home at this.

Things tend to get messy after guests arrive, presents are opened, or dinner has been eaten, so don't get discouraged. Maintaining organization and cleanliness will take effort everyday to keep things tidy. It will also require certain systems to be in place long-term. Short-term fixes can turn into long-term goals if strategically planned, but for now, lets get the place in order.

3.  Start with the visible clutter. What in the room is the focal point ie .. couch or chair Is it clean? What is on the floor? Ask yourself, do I need this item if it's laying on the floor? If not, discard it or donate it.

4. Next, work on removing and putting away all the items on chairs, beds, the floor, or other pieces of furniture. Find a home for all the items and remember, if you don't use it, or don't need them,  discard or donate the items.

5.  Thoroughly wipe down, dust, or fix-up the room starting with the focal point, and work your way to less visible spaces. (But we always know that one person who comes over can spot a single dust bunny in the smallest corner of a room.)

6. Vacuum, and if you have carpet, give the carpet or area rugs a good cleaning with a home carpet cleaner, or hire a professional who can get the job done while you take care of other items. I use a dual rug and floor cleaner that has different floor attachments to save time and is light weight.

7. When all is removed, hauled away and dusted, it's time to decorate. Choose one color, but no more than two to utilize in your space. This will be your theme color(s).

A key elements to decorating are the numbers 1, 3, 5, and 7.  These represent the number of accent pieces that highlight the beauty of a piece of furniture. In small spaces 1 or 3 accent pieces are great to show off an item, and don't make the area look cluttered. ie a small tray with two objects sitting in the tray.  

8. Put out your favorite holiday candy or treats. Your guests will be delighted and feel welcomed in your home with this small gesture of kindness.
9.   Gather dishes and flatware to prepare for any dinners, parties or family gatherings (even if they are disposable).

10. Review your list and check off items that have been completed and items that still require attention. Carve out enough time in your day to tend to these items.

*Remember Rome was not built in a single day, so as the days progress, work on one room at a time. Get started now by preparing your list of to do's. By taking action you can accomplish your list in record time!

Thank you so much for your time. Please subscribe and share this post with your friends and relatives. Post a comment to let me know what you will be working on this holiday season?

Stay fabulous,
Suzie 💋

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