Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How Can Consistency Bring More Value to Your Life?

How can consistency bring more value to your life? 

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky 

How does a person who organizes for a living get and stay consistent? 

A drastic event happened.  On October 19, 2018 life overall changed. I left my job to pursue my passion - professional organization. Now, this seems like a short time, and I get it.  It's just over two weeks. However, behind the scenes, I have actually started to build a life of consistency for over the last six months. I was doing too much of everything that wasn't working for me anymore. 

Now quitting your job is not the answer to consistency. For me it was a result of working on my skills for several months and developing new techniques to perfect my talents. Aftertime, I realized that I could branch out and help others perfect their talents as well.  

Day in and day out of doing the same things over and over, and expecting a different result was my character flaw. A life altering event  was the one thing that started me on the road to consistency. Life has taught me that consistency is the act of conducting an activity, or a duty repetitiously.  Notice I wrote, a duty.  Consistency can take someone from an amateur to a master of their craft over a period of time. Whether you are consistent at what you are doing will strictly be 100% your choice. However, I have never been terrible at something that I worked at for a long period of time. I only got better at it. 

Take for instance, organizing my home. I started rebuilding my craft by working on certain aspects of my immediate environment. The first room was the one I spent the most of my mornings and evenings in. That room was the dining room. In the picture below shows how my dining rom table looked before I made the choice to clean up and clean out. 

When you walk into my home, the first room that you see is the kitchen. Straight ahead from there, the focal point is the dining room. Upon entering, my house my eyes first focuses on the dining room table. The dining room table was a HOT mess, as you can see below. I often neglected it hoping that someone else would clean it up.  After weeks of avoidance, I decided to clean it myself. I developed a routine to work on it consistently until it was to the standard that I had set for myself. I knew that the purpose for the table was for eating and not homework, art projects, and to check mail. 

When I was a single mother, my son and I ate at the table daily. I made dinner time one of the most memorable experiences that he could tell his children about one day.  Dinner time was fun, a time shared with his cousins, and a place where we could discuss anything - even homework.  I wanted this again, and with my new expanded family I had to get on it right away! 

I first made a list of items that needed attention and placed each object in a respective home. All the mail would go to the command station that I had created in 2017. Next, the crafts that I didn't have any desire to work on, were donated. The art work that my husband started would be neatly placed in the garage art area for safe keeping. Once I finished removing all of the items, I started the cleaning process. 

First I sprayed and wiped down the entire table, both on top and below.  Many of us remember to clean the top and forget to clean below, so please make sure that you clean below. Next I started laying up the table (in this order) with a centerpiece, place mat, plate, salad plate or bowl and napkin with napkin ring, and a little touch of glam to the center of the napkin. 


Now, keeping the dining table clean is the challenge.  Mentally, I see the table as a place to eat, pray, gather, and fellowship with family and friends. The whole purpose of the table changed from having no purpose at all, to a significant place where we can all bond and strengthen our relationships. Every day for at least five to ten minutes, I spend time wiping it down and maintaining it's purpose. I also make sure that the carpet is clean, and the buffet table has items that will be utilized for the table throughout the week.  

Being consistent at anything that I put my hands to has become my mission to rebuild focus, determination, and self worth. Today, dinner will be served at a table that I no longer have to push the junk aside and eat my meals (which is not mentally, or physically healthy). I'm proud that my efforts and hard work has not only benefited me, but my family as well. Everyone has a new outlook on gathering for meals, and is eager to pitch in and help. 

What is one thing that you would like to be consistent at today to not only help yourself, but your family as well?  (Place your comment down below.)     

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Stay fabulous,


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