Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How To Get Dressed In The Dark?

How To Get Dressed In the Dark

Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky (Suzie)

Everyone desires to come home to a well organized and beautiful place. But what triggers stress the moment you turn the key and enter home?, piles of stuff that need to be removed.

"There is not enough time in the day",  "I don't know where to start", or "this is just to overwhelming for me to deal with right now!" are several concerns that I have heard when the desire to start an organization project occurs.

Many will begin a project and never get around to finish it because they look for other things around the house to do.  Those projects gets started along with everything else.  Soon enough there's pockets of unfinished tasks that are halfway completed. If you have experienced this, your not alone!

Well,  where do you start?

Recently, I worked on a set of dresser drawers that needed tidying up.  There were tee shirts, undershirts, and underwear mixed together in no particular order. The owner wanted to learn how to fold and organize his clothes, so that he could spend less time in the morning fumbling around the room while looking for things to wear as his wife was sleeping.
His job had early morning hours. Several times a week his work schedule started at 3:00am. He wanted a system that would allow him to get dressed in the dark and in lesser time than usual.

Initially,  when he attempted to tidy up, stress and anxiety came over him. This made him want to forget the whole thing and just wing it. After several failed attempts, he was frustrated.  So, he called me in to assist.

The strategy was simple. He just needed guidance on these tips listed below.
  • Select and view the space for the intended purpose.
  • Clear the contents out and purge items that are of no use
  • Measure the space, and purchase the necessary items to complete the task
  • Install the product, fold and neatly put away clothes. 


This sounds easy, but these are simplified steps to get you started.

First the drawer order was decided based on the way he got dressed in the morning; underwear first, undershirt second, socks third, shirt fourth and pants last.  One of the products I used in the drawers were adjustable drawer divider from MDesign . The dividers were sturdy and easy to install.  I found it quite helpful to neatly separate the clothing and the owner found it useful as well.  Next, for his vast collection of socks, functional drawer organizers were the best fit to keep things neat and uniform.


Now that the project is complete, there was a breathe of relief.  The initial feelings of anxiety and stress have been alleviated and replaced by a sense of peace and accomplishment. The early morning fusses turned into gentle kisses to his wife's forehead as he exited their bedroom for the workday.

You too can have a story like this. Everyone deserves a chance at having a well organized and beautiful space.  We understand that starting a tidying project can be stressful and overwhelming.  Look no further, we are here to help.

With our system,  you can be organized in just a few steps and with our weekly maintenance plan you can stay organized.

To receive one on one assistance and unlimited email access to our professional organizer, contact us for a consultation to receive an initial assessment. If you are not in one of our service areas, start with the steps listed above, purchase the items posted and contact us for assistance.                                          


Start today so that you can have another item to check off before the new year begins. Regain balance and control over your time and life.  Your space will be transformed from disorderly to organized in just a short period of time.  Not tending to your space will result in it becoming unmanageable and delaying your progress of creating balance.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Why Clutter is Making You Poor!

Why Clutter is Making You Poor?
Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky  "Suzie"

Have you ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed by pockets of clutter in your home? Do you wonder why your not saving as much as you would like to?

Image yourself saving money for a relaxing vacation where there is clear blue water to match the skies, and warm salty breeze that brushes your cheeks as you close your eyes and deeply inhale. You tilt your head back and absorb the scenery and the thought of life back home seems like a distant memory. Now look at your environment.  What do you see?

Looking around, do you see clutter or disorganization? Does clutter haunt you day in and day out? Examine your savings. What is your savings telling you?  

If your finances are in trouble, then you may want to consider these common reasons why clutter is making you poor.  

Research indicates that clutter comes in several forms. Clutter can be piles of clothes, papers, or other material, or electronic items. Look at the picture above. It has an eclectic blend of different types of items on the floor which forms the cluttered space. 

But, what happens when it starts to affect your finances? 

Here are a list of four (4) common reasons why clutter is making you poor.

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1. Purchasing duplicate items. 

When the place is messy and disorganized, it becomes harder to locate items. For instance, if there are clothes that are in walkways, or entrances to doors it becomes a hazard. Items scattered on the floor, across furniture, or tucked away in closets are harder to keep track of. Thus resulting in the purchase of duplicate items. Going back to the 80/20 Rule, a person wears approximately 20% of their clothes 75-80% of the time.

If you have a cluttered closet that is HELL to get into, you may be experiencing this... You may have to lean from the door to reach over the mess and get a dress, shirt, pants, or skirt from the rack. Or, you may have to wedge your way in between your clothing just to get one piece out. It may be unknown to you, that several duplicate items may be in your closet. However, your not alone. I too had a cluttered closet and found out that I had several duplicate shoes, boots, and other pieces of clothing. The duplicate items cost me an additional $857 total, which I could have invested into something else. This was hurtful and disappointing, but I didn't know what to do. So I enlisted help to get me organized and stay on track of my closet.  (Tips listed below)

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2. Accrual of Late Fees

Most bills arrive just before the 1st day of the month. This is when rent, mortgage, and other utility bills are due. What happens if you cannot find your bills. They are either thrown in a corner, or pile somewhere in your room. Maybe you pile them together and throw them up in the air and pay the one's that land on the bed. But, did you know that paying your bills late results in additional stress and not to mention late fees. According to Mainstreet 2014  approximately 56 million Americans do not pay bills on time. This not only impacts your credit score, but also other aspects of your finances.

Leaving piles of bills doesn't help. Staying abreast of bills when they come in will help you to stay on track of due dates. A financial advisor can also help if you are too far behind.

With assistance, the amounting late fees can be reduced. A mail center in a centralized location that includes a space for pens, file folders, and other tools are a great way to stay on top of your bills.  Utilize a mail station either daily or weekly to pay bills and is a simple way to keep organized.  

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3. Missed Messages

Emails, emails, emails. There are so many emails that come to our inboxes daily. Believe it or not, checking and purging emails often is essential, and can avoid you from losing out on money generating messages.

When I was completing my degree, I was offered an interview to an agency that I had been dreaming to work with for over 10 years. The job was triple the income that I was making at the time. It was the perfect job for me. When I initially applied, I had communicated in the application that I wanted to be contacted via email. Unknown to me, I received an email about an interview. However, I checked the message, including spam emails, four months later. I had forgotten about the request I made and therefore, missed out on a great opportunity. After going through 4,026 emails I could have screamed, but I had to take 100% responsibility for my actions, or lack thereof.

So, review, and purge.

4. Purchase of Storage Units

According to the Self Storage Association (2017) there was a small increase of .44% from a 2013 survey. Over 11 million or 1 out of 10 households rent a self storage unit. The demand has grown significantly for millennials who are making increasing home improvements. However,  according to the data, baby boomers are still ahead.

Storage units costs anywhere from less than $20 per month to over $100. With extras this could add up to over $1200 per year. The are pros and con's to having a storage unit are it's great use for moving, home staging, or for persons who need somewhere to place consistently used items.

But, what happens if you have too much stuff?

What if your family, spouse, significant other, or friends pressure you to move all of your items if you have things that take over your room or house?

Most opt to acquire a storage unit. An individual may want to hold onto items for as long as they can. If more items are purchased, then what? You outgrow the storage space and require a bigger one. Which means more money is spent on rental fees.  If this is not in the budget, then going through each item is required. (See tip below)

Professional services may be needed in some situations.

Remember - Not taking action can result in the loss of more money that could be saved or invested. You have worked too hard for it all to be thrown away! 

What's Next? 
1. Talk with a financial advisor about how you can develop a budget.
2. Go through every item and purge the ones that are no longer of use.
3. Separate, donate and/or consign items that can be of good use to someone else.
4. Measure (if needed) and purchase products that will help streamline your space.
5. Start today and contact us to book a consultation to become the best version of you.

Becoming organized means that you will have control over your space, and the amount of money you spend on products, which means more money in your pocket! Contact us today to get started!

We care about your space. Subscribe to receive information on organization, tips, and plans of action. Comment down below to receive help with projects that you would like to complete, but may not know how to start. 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How To Clean Up & Clean Out For The Holidays

          The holidays are just around the corner. The smells of cinnamon scented pine cones fill the air and the sales of holiday décor fill the stores bringing a certain joy to our hearts. With the holidays closely on its way, the anxiety of cleaning up may be on your mind. As the days get closer, the thought of all the necessary tasks that you have to do starts piling up.

Well, here are 10 steps to help get your home in tip top shape for the holidays.

1. Start with the room that you and all of your guests will see when they arrive. Examine the room and all of the details that need to be taken cared of.  Note that the reason for cleaning up and cleaning out is to ignite joy this holiday season and spend time with the ones you love.

2. Write down everything that that needs to be done in one day. You would be surprised how many things you can accomplish in a day with a well prepared list.

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Doing what you need to accomplish in one day will allow you to focus on one room at a time. This is a special event organization and cleaning. The depth of your organization is more for staging your home at this.

Things tend to get messy after guests arrive, presents are opened, or dinner has been eaten, so don't get discouraged. Maintaining organization and cleanliness will take effort everyday to keep things tidy. It will also require certain systems to be in place long-term. Short-term fixes can turn into long-term goals if strategically planned, but for now, lets get the place in order.

3.  Start with the visible clutter. What in the room is the focal point ie .. couch or chair Is it clean? What is on the floor? Ask yourself, do I need this item if it's laying on the floor? If not, discard it or donate it.

4. Next, work on removing and putting away all the items on chairs, beds, the floor, or other pieces of furniture. Find a home for all the items and remember, if you don't use it, or don't need them,  discard or donate the items.

5.  Thoroughly wipe down, dust, or fix-up the room starting with the focal point, and work your way to less visible spaces. (But we always know that one person who comes over can spot a single dust bunny in the smallest corner of a room.)

6. Vacuum, and if you have carpet, give the carpet or area rugs a good cleaning with a home carpet cleaner, or hire a professional who can get the job done while you take care of other items. I use a dual rug and floor cleaner that has different floor attachments to save time and is light weight.

7. When all is removed, hauled away and dusted, it's time to decorate. Choose one color, but no more than two to utilize in your space. This will be your theme color(s).

A key elements to decorating are the numbers 1, 3, 5, and 7.  These represent the number of accent pieces that highlight the beauty of a piece of furniture. In small spaces 1 or 3 accent pieces are great to show off an item, and don't make the area look cluttered. ie a small tray with two objects sitting in the tray.  

8. Put out your favorite holiday candy or treats. Your guests will be delighted and feel welcomed in your home with this small gesture of kindness.
9.   Gather dishes and flatware to prepare for any dinners, parties or family gatherings (even if they are disposable).

10. Review your list and check off items that have been completed and items that still require attention. Carve out enough time in your day to tend to these items.

*Remember Rome was not built in a single day, so as the days progress, work on one room at a time. Get started now by preparing your list of to do's. By taking action you can accomplish your list in record time!

Thank you so much for your time. Please subscribe and share this post with your friends and relatives. Post a comment to let me know what you will be working on this holiday season?

Stay fabulous,
Suzie 💋

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Friday, November 9, 2018

How To Apply The 80/20 Rule To Your Home Organization.

How to apply the 80/20 Rule to your home organization?       


Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky

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What is the 80/20 Rule?

I have known about the 80/20 rule as something that was applied for relationships. I have shaken my head when some of my friends have left their girlfriends (80) for someone who could care less about them (20). 

So, how can the 80/20 rule apply to your life. 

One day when I was organizing my bathroom counter (see below) I saw that the 80/20 Rule could apply to my bathroom organization. How you ask? 

Well, the 80/20, also known as the "Pareto Principle" was developed in the early 1900's by Vilfredo Pareto who was an Italian economist. He created a mathematical equation to illustrate how wealth was unequally distributed. An example of this rule is:

80 percent of the monetary wealth is generated by a few 20% of the population, and the reverse is 20% of the population earns approximately 80% of the money generated. 

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But, how does this apply to my bathroom counter? 

 If you look, there is 80% clutter on the countertop, and therefore I only have about 20% space to work with. Who wants to brush their teeth in clutter?  I know that I don't, and it doesn't make me have that serene feeling about using my bathroom. So, this is an uneven distribution of the use of counterspace and therefore, I need to put my focus on utilizing 20% of the counterspace so that the remaining 80% is free and clear to be used as needed. 

With that said, lets go over the steps that I took to clean and organize the bathroom counter. 

1. First I removed all of the items on the counter and temporarily placed them on the floor. 

2. I then grouped like items together and any containers of shampoo, conditioner, or other half used bottles were filled.  Other bottles that were nearly empty,  I tossed.

3. Next, I looked at the expiration dates and tossed all outdated items . 

4. I placed all items in a designated home. 

5. I wiped down the counter with my favorite  spray

6. I placed my favorite circular mirrored tray and candle holder décor on the right hand corner of the countertop. 

7. Last, I placed a vanilla chai handsoap by Method™  on the left hand side of the sink and a tooth brush holder in the mirrored tray.

Looking at the finished product, 80% of the work took less than 20% of my time. Because I was focused, I was able to accomplish my task in a shorter period of time, so that I could focus and complete other tasks. 



For assistance with your bathroom organization, we would love to help. Feel free to comment or send us a message, so that we can work on solving your organization concerns. 

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*This post contains affilliate links. Please see our disclaimer page for additional details.  The views and opinion in this post are 100% my own. The information is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace professional medical services. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How Can Consistency Bring More Value to Your Life?

How can consistency bring more value to your life? 

By Suzanne Roberts Lukowsky 

How does a person who organizes for a living get and stay consistent? 

A drastic event happened.  On October 19, 2018 life overall changed. I left my job to pursue my passion - professional organization. Now, this seems like a short time, and I get it.  It's just over two weeks. However, behind the scenes, I have actually started to build a life of consistency for over the last six months. I was doing too much of everything that wasn't working for me anymore. 

Now quitting your job is not the answer to consistency. For me it was a result of working on my skills for several months and developing new techniques to perfect my talents. Aftertime, I realized that I could branch out and help others perfect their talents as well.  

Day in and day out of doing the same things over and over, and expecting a different result was my character flaw. A life altering event  was the one thing that started me on the road to consistency. Life has taught me that consistency is the act of conducting an activity, or a duty repetitiously.  Notice I wrote, a duty.  Consistency can take someone from an amateur to a master of their craft over a period of time. Whether you are consistent at what you are doing will strictly be 100% your choice. However, I have never been terrible at something that I worked at for a long period of time. I only got better at it. 

Take for instance, organizing my home. I started rebuilding my craft by working on certain aspects of my immediate environment. The first room was the one I spent the most of my mornings and evenings in. That room was the dining room. In the picture below shows how my dining rom table looked before I made the choice to clean up and clean out. 

When you walk into my home, the first room that you see is the kitchen. Straight ahead from there, the focal point is the dining room. Upon entering, my house my eyes first focuses on the dining room table. The dining room table was a HOT mess, as you can see below. I often neglected it hoping that someone else would clean it up.  After weeks of avoidance, I decided to clean it myself. I developed a routine to work on it consistently until it was to the standard that I had set for myself. I knew that the purpose for the table was for eating and not homework, art projects, and to check mail. 

When I was a single mother, my son and I ate at the table daily. I made dinner time one of the most memorable experiences that he could tell his children about one day.  Dinner time was fun, a time shared with his cousins, and a place where we could discuss anything - even homework.  I wanted this again, and with my new expanded family I had to get on it right away! 

I first made a list of items that needed attention and placed each object in a respective home. All the mail would go to the command station that I had created in 2017. Next, the crafts that I didn't have any desire to work on, were donated. The art work that my husband started would be neatly placed in the garage art area for safe keeping. Once I finished removing all of the items, I started the cleaning process. 

First I sprayed and wiped down the entire table, both on top and below.  Many of us remember to clean the top and forget to clean below, so please make sure that you clean below. Next I started laying up the table (in this order) with a centerpiece, place mat, plate, salad plate or bowl and napkin with napkin ring, and a little touch of glam to the center of the napkin. 


Now, keeping the dining table clean is the challenge.  Mentally, I see the table as a place to eat, pray, gather, and fellowship with family and friends. The whole purpose of the table changed from having no purpose at all, to a significant place where we can all bond and strengthen our relationships. Every day for at least five to ten minutes, I spend time wiping it down and maintaining it's purpose. I also make sure that the carpet is clean, and the buffet table has items that will be utilized for the table throughout the week.  

Being consistent at anything that I put my hands to has become my mission to rebuild focus, determination, and self worth. Today, dinner will be served at a table that I no longer have to push the junk aside and eat my meals (which is not mentally, or physically healthy). I'm proud that my efforts and hard work has not only benefited me, but my family as well. Everyone has a new outlook on gathering for meals, and is eager to pitch in and help. 

What is one thing that you would like to be consistent at today to not only help yourself, but your family as well?  (Place your comment down below.)     

If you haven't already please subscribe and share this post with your friends and family. Comment down below and share how consistency has changed ,or how you would like it to change your life?

Stay fabulous,


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This affiliate disclosure details the affiliate relationships of Organization With Suzie, LLC with other companies and products. Some of the links on this site are “affiliate links”, a link with a special tracking code.

*The views and opinion in this post are 100% my own and are not represented to be error free. The information is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace professional medical services.  

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