Sunday, February 11, 2018

How To Organize A Teenagers Closet For Less Than $40???

If your teen is like mine then getting their  closet organized is going to take good planning, time and elbow grease. On the left side of the photo is what prompted action to reorganize this space. After several weeks of my son trying to get started, I decided to help.

My teen has watched me organize and reorganize projects throughout his life. Beginning a new project on his own he admitted to me that he felt stuck on how to begin. So many of us have wanted to start a project and did not know where to begin.  Well, I decided to assist.

1. First, we stood by the closet door and decided to start with clearing the floor. Like most projects, the first move would be to identify the need. What area needs the most attention? Once you identify this area then you can start. Since we were not able to get into the closet, we both felt that this was the best place to begin.

2. Next we separated the clothes, and other items into three piles. Keep, purge, and donate piles helped to keep the room orderly and under control. During this project, it seemed to get a bit overwhelming, but as we stayed on task, the closet began to transform.

When all items were out of the closet, it was time to accelerate the remix process - the Organization With Suzie way.

3. By reusing previous items, labels and new storage for shoes, the closet was reborn. Hooks were added not only inside the closet but on the door as well.

For less than $40 the closet went from cluttered to clean and orderly. My teen knows where to place his personal belongings. He saves time in the morning by not having to look for misplaced clothes, shoes and supplies. The area is brighter and looks bigger.  Now it's time to work on the next project.

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