Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Significance of Being Organized

What is the significance of being organized?

There is a light and airy feeling when things are put away in its rightful space.  The emotional distress of a disorganized and cluttered area can interrupt those positive vibes that are present when a room is tidy and in order. For instance, envision yourself walking into your bedroom.  What is the first thing that you see?

I know that the first thing that I see is my bed. If my bed is made and looks neat and clean it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. If my bed is unmade and has unfolded laundry on it, it makes me feel as if the room has a heaviness.  It also feels as if there is another task for me to accomplish.

The picture shown above is a shelf in my laundry room. Before this shelf was mounted to the wall, I had boxes and bottles of detergent all over the  washer and dryer. Now, I have the labeled glass canisters within reach so that I can visibly see the detergent and not the mess.

Having an organized laundry room, bedroom, closet, or small area has decreased stress and has enable me to think clearer. Instead of wondering where everything is, or wondering if I have enough of anything, I can visible see and then plan my next steps accordingly.

In addition, according to research, a clean environment uplifts instead of depresses. The air feels crisper and cleaner and flows better.  A disastrous and cluttered area seems stagnant as if the air isn't moving anywhere. It usually feels heavy and overwhelming or, somewhat depressing. So what is the significance of being organized?

Before I started organizing, I didn't understand the true significance. I conducted research and found many answers to my own questions. I look back at the times when I had disorganization  in my life. It felt depressing, overwhelming, and somewhat saddening when I looked at my environment.

When enough was enough I began to organize my entire life.  I first began in my bedroom.  The first place I started with was the bed. It was the first thing that I saw when I walked in the room and the last thing when I shut the door to leave for work. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote three items on my list each day that I felt needed my immediate attention. As the days passed, I began to see my progress. I noticed that I started to feel excited about tackling additional items on my list. Soon I began watching decorating shows and reading magazines to obtain ideas on how to decorate the room. I also noticed that I enjoyed organizing and wanted to perfect my skill. After I felt that the room had all the specifications that I desired, I moved onto the next room. 

After months of working on my home, I realized that organization required planning, immediate action, and consistency.  As each room began to transform before my eyes, I felt happier and relaxed. It was a pleasure to walk into a room without having to feel burdened down by a million mile list of to do's. When unexpected guests would stop by, I didn't feel embarrassed, closed off or,  apologetic about my surroundings.  I was comfortable and laid back. 

So,  the significance of being organized was the serenity and peace of mind that came with having a cleaner and more orderly space.  I was able to think clearly, relax more,  spend additional time with my family and certain ideas for decluttering other areas of my life came frequently.

In 1 Corinthians 14:40 of the NIV Bible it reads, ... But everything must be done decently and in order." The same applies to whatever you decide to tackle throughout life.  By starting with a well thought out plan, and diligence to complete each task, there is no limit to what any individual could accomplish.  

Remember, organization is ignited by a thought, a plan and then proceeding action. Organization begins and ends with you. Once you start and never stop, then a system or an ongoing routine will help with staying on task.  

I hope this blog post was helpful. Please feel free to comment and subscribe if you would like to read more content like this. Thank you for reading and happy organizing! 

Stay fabulous,

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