Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Every Hurdle Is An Opportunity

It seems that every time you try to do something right, here comes another hurdle. This seems so true when you have decided to put your life on the right track and do something great. It makes you wonder, "what am I doing this for?" or "why me?"  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Hurdles are simply obstacles. They are stumbling blocks that randomly show up just around the time that you are going to succeed. Most often, I have experienced hurdles that are related the goal that I was trying to reach. For example, if I was trying to save money, then an unexpected bill would show up. This bill symbolized discouragement, but after years of experiencing victories in my life, I try to redirect my focus on my original goal. It's harder said than done. However, if you let every obstacle get you down, then it may take longer to reach your goal. 

Whenever something would show up, I would say to myself, "I MUST be in the right track and something great must be coming my way." If it wasn't, why would adversity show up?  I don't expect it, however, I prepare myself and heart to overcome hurdles and to overcome challenges.

In Isaiah 54 v. 11 of the Holy Bible reads, "so is my word that comes out of my mouth: it will not return to me empty or void, but will accomplish the purpose for which I sent it (NIV)." In other words, the words that come out of your mouth can either make or break your success. When hurdles and obstacles show up in your life, take it as an opportunity to turn it around with your words. Words are quite powerful. They can make someone feel strong and enthusiastic or they can break someone down and belittle them. 

If you practice every day by redirecting your words to reflect success, then your belief, strength and faith will increase. If you know that even though hurdles may come, your mindset will be focused on success and you would be able to overcome anything that you put your mind to.

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