Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Have you ever lost something that you found was really precious to you, and you wanted it back? Well, as I watched a movie this weekend, there was a young lady who was losing her husband, but in the midst of it, she had taken the time to find out what she wanted out of life. She wrote down in a personal journal,  "what do I want." She wanted to restore her life, but she didn't want it in the way that it was presented to her for many years, she was looking forward to so much more.

It was quite interesting to see how that movie related to many stories that I have encountered over the last few years.  Years prior,  I  felt like the character in the movie. Everything that I had worked for  had slowly slipped through my grasp and it felt like I had hit rock bottom.

In the midst of this storm, I gotten a hold of the word. In Deuteronomy 30 V 3 it reads "...God will restore everything you lost..." I clung to those words, I felt everything was going to be restored because God does not lie and He always has come through for me, even when it was late in the "midnight hour."

Knowing and believing for many years that I am blessed and restored, I began seeing multiple changes. I felt ready to receive the blessings and was more than ready to share blessings as well. God blessed me with a promotion, a brand new home, a great husband, a healthy family, and a thriving business.

After five years, God has blessed and restored everything that had lost, and gave me even more than I imagined. If you had talked with me about five years ago, it would have been a less promising conversation. However, today, I share with you the lessons that I have learned over the last few years.

If you are wondering if life will get better, and you're looking to regain hope, God gives His promise that you will be restored!

I hope this short post was helpful. Please feel free to subscribe or leave a comment below. Have a wonderful week.

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