Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mastering Your Day

How do you really master your day when you have so many things to do and so little time?

From the time that you wake up, you have so many tasks that you need to complete. It seems almost virtually impossible to get through the list of things that keep piling up and piling up as you try to juggle everything throughout the week. When does it all come to an end? When do you find the time to take care of everything?

There was a time when I just could not get a hold of my day, time or schedule. I wasted time procrastinating and living life to the minimum.  I could not master my time nor my life. I began listening to different motivational speakers, preachers, pastors,  bishops, and successful businessmen and women hoping to gain the perspective of  some of the most influential people.

Those who have actually conquered mastering their day and the tasks they had to do throughout the week, did one important thing. They were all reasonably planning out their.  I made list and plans, but it wasn't helping. I was making long list of things that I needed to do. Most of the time I wouldn't even get through number two on my list. Sometimes I only got through number one. Other times I got nothing done. The tasks alone that I listed seemed too long as well as far fetched to accomplish.

In listening to other motivational speakers and reading scriptures in the Bible that says to write your vision (Habakkuk 2:2) and then meditate and speak on what you need to do.   In week 1 as well as week 2,  I touched on the importance of writing down your plan, action, or vision.  Because I kept doing the same things over and over and expected a different result, I came to a conclusion that today is a great day to start mastering time and the tasks for the day.

Taking the time to really hone in on what was important and what was priority helped to align certain goals and timing . Initially, I made long lists of 10, 20, maybe even 30 things, and that's fine - if your a super hero. However what are your most important things that you have to tackle today?

 Now, I write at least three to five things that I need to accomplish. That is all that I take care of and all of them are mainly a priority for that day. The other items are completed as I go through the lists.   Scheduling time for household responsibilities such as laundry, reading, studying, cleaning the bathrooms, washing the dishes,  going out for family activities are now scheduled weekly.

Once I aligned my tasks with dates and times, completing those 3 - 5 items on my list became so much easier to handle.  I now feel that once my goals are completed for the day, there is a great sense of accomplishment. Sometimes we have to sit back and think to ourselves that we can't build Rome in a single day.

In essence if you take the time to figure out which items on your list are more important to you and work diligently to schedule those goals or task throughout the day, then you will be able to master your time.

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