Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Have a voice

The alarm clock goes off and you hit the snooze button a few times before you finally get up out of bed. Your body screams tiredness and you slowly drag your feet to make your way to the shower. As you wipe your eyes, yawn and scratch your sides to help you walk up, a small painless grunt comes out. You think to yourself, "I could use a couple more hours of good sleep." Does any part of this scene sound familiar to you?

This was me everyday. On days that I had no clue on what I'm suppose to do or the direction that I was supposed to go, it happened just as I described. If I did not write down all of the things that had to be done throughout the week, then I felt like I was stuck in a rut. In other words, everything became disorganized.

One day my husband and I were getting ready for work.  It was 7am I had already started to feel a lack of purpose. He noticed my demeanor and said to me, "I know that you are tired, but I trust that you have an ultimate goal written somewhere- correct?

I had written down my goals, dreams and visions, but I didn't review nor read them everyday.  I hadn't spoken them out loud since I had written them previously.  Growing up I was taught to pray - pray without ceasing. Pray every day. Ask boldly for what you want and know that it will come to fruition. Believe, believe , believe and then believe again. Then you will build your faith and you will visualize your goals as if they were accomplished already.

Well, my goals were tucked away in the back of my closet. They were hidden behind a trunk full of winter shoes.  I was getting up and living life day to day without a rhyme or reason. It was like putting a car in cruise control and riding aimlessly without a destination. So, I decided to revisit the goals that I had written down and read them out loud.

Something began to change - not overnight, but within a few short weeks. Life began to become more purposeful. Goals that I had written, but never took the time to accomplish were now getting completed. Even at work I was becoming more focused and completed tasks in a timely and organized fashion. Although I was becoming more focused, I realized that if I stopped, I would end up back where I started.

In essence, when the time arises to make the decision to succeed, to change the direction of your life, or make a paradigm shift, never stop learning new things, dreaming, planning and always know that a strategy plus having a voice or speaking what you desire everyday will help you visualize and accomplish those goals.

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